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Battle Honours borne on the Regimental Colours - The Queen's Colour

Where (Today)
Won By
TANGIER 1662-1680 Morocco Queen's
NAMUR 1695 Belgium Queen's
GIBRALTAR 1704-1745 Gibraltar 31st, 35th
BLENHEIM 1704 Germany Buffs
RAMILLIES 1706 Belgium Buffs
MALPLAQUET 1709 France Buffs
DETTINGEN 1743 Germany Buffs, 31st
LOUISBURG 1758 Canada 35th
GUADALOUPE 1759 West Indies Buffs
QUEBEC 1759 Canada 35th
MARTINQUE 1762 Indies 35th
SAINT LUCIA 1778 West Indies 35th
SERINGAPATAM 1799 India 77th
MAIDA 1806 Italy 35th
VIMIERA 1808 Portugal Queen's 50th
CORUNNA 1809 Spain Queen's 50th
DUORO 1809 Portugal Buffs
TALAVERA 1809 Spain Buffs, 31st
ALBUHERA 1811 Spain Buffs, 31st, 57th
BADAJOZ 1812 Spain 77th
ALMARAZ 1812 Spain 50th
SALAMANCA 1812 Spain Queen's
VITTORIA 1813 Spain Queen's, Buffs, 31st, 50th, 57th
AFGHANISTAN 1839 Afganistan Queen's
PUNNIAR 1843 India Buffs, 50th
MOODKEE 1845 India 31st, 50th
SOBRAON 1846 India 31st, 50th
INKERMAN 1854 Russia 50th, 57th, 77th
SEVASTOPOL 1854-1855 Russia Buffs, 31st, 50th, 57th, 77th, 97th
LUCKNOW 1858 India 97th
TAKU FORTS 1860 China Queen's, Buffs, 31st
NEW ZEALAND 1861-1865 New Zealand 50th, 57th, 70th
SOUTH AFRICA 1885 South Africa Queen's
BURMA 1885-1887 Burma Queen's
CHITRAL 1895 Pakistan Buffs
RELIEF OF LADYSMITH 1900 South Africa Queen's, Surreys, Middlesex
RELIEF OF KIMBERLEY 1900 South Africa Buffs
SOUTH AFRICA 1899-1902 South Africa Queen's, Surreys
KOREA 1950-1951 Korea Middlesex

Battle Honours on the Queen's Colour

Won By
MONS 1914 Belgium Surreys, R.W.K, Mx, Queen's, Sussex
MARNE 1914 France Surreys, Mx, R.W.K
AISNE 1914 France Buffs, and all other Regiments
YPRES 1914, 1915, 1917, 1918 Belgium R.W.K
HILL 60 1915 Belgium R.W.K, Surreys
FESTUBERT 1915 France Queen's
SOMME 1916, 1918 France Mx, and all other Regiments
ALBERT 1916, 1918 France Surreys, Mx, and all other Regiments
CAMBRAI 1917, 1918 France Surreys, Mx, and all other Regiments
HINDENBURG LINE 1918 France Buffs, Sussex, Mx, and all other Reg
ITALY 1917-1918 Italy Sussex, R.W.K, Queen's Surreys, Mx
GALLIPOLI 1915 Turkey Queen's, Sussex, R.W.K, Mx
JERUSALEM 1917 Israel Buffs, Mx, Queen's, Sussex, R.W.K
PALESTINE 1917-1918 Middle East Queen's, Sussex, Buffs, R.W.K, Mx
MESOPOTAMIA 1915-1918 Iraq Queen's, Buffs, R.W.K
N.W.FRONTIER 1919 Pakistan Queen's
NORMANDY LANDING 1944 France Middlesex
NORTH-WEST EUROPE 1940, 1944-1945 Queen's, Middlesex
ABYSSINIA 1941 Ethiopia Royal Sussex
OMARS 1941 Libya Royal Sussex
ALAM EL HALFA 1942 Egypt Royal Sussex, Buffs, R.W.K
EL ALAMEIN 1942 Egypt Queen's, Sussex, Buffs, R.W.K, Mx
LONGSTOP HILL 1943 Tunisia Surreys, Buffs, R.W.K
NORTH AFRICA 1940-1943 Sussex, Queen's
SICILY 1943 Buffs, Surreys, Mx, R.W.K
SALERNO 1943 Italy Queen's
SANGRO 1943 Italy Surreys, R.W.K, Buffs
ANZIO 1944 Italy Queen's Buffs, Mx
CASSINO 1944 Italy Surreys, R.W.K
ITALY 1943-1945 Italy Surreys, Queen's, Buffs, R.W.K
MALTA 1940-1942 Malta R.W.K, Buffs
HONG KONG 1941 Hong Kong Middlesex
MALYA 1914-1942 Malaya Surreys
DEFENCE OF KOHIMA 1944 Burma Royal West Kent
BURMA 1943-1945 Burma Sussex, Queen's R.W.K

Battle Honours not on the Colours

Won By
OUDENARDE 1708 Belgium Buffs
BELLEISLE 1761 France Buffs
HAVANNAH 1762 Cuba 35th
MYSORE 1792 India 77th
MARTINIQUE 1794 West Indies 70th
GUADELOUPE 1810 West Indies 70th
CUIDAD RODRIGO 1812 Spain 77th
PYRENEES 1813 Spain Queen's, Buffs, 31st, 50th, 57th
NIVELLE 1813 France Queen's, Buffs, 31st, 57th
TOULOUSE 1814 France Queen's, Buffs
PENINSULAR 1808-1814 Spain & Portugal 50th, 57th, 77th
GHUZNEE 1839 Afghanistan Queen's
KHELAT 1839 Pakistan Queen's
CABOL 1842 Afghanistan 31st
FEROZESHAH 1845 India 31st, 50th
ALIWAL 1846 India 31st, 50th
SOUTH AFRICA 1851-1853 South Africa Queen's
ALMA 1854 Russia 50th, 77th
PEKING 1860 China Queen's
AFGHANISTAN 1879-1879 Afghanistan 70th
EGYPT 1882 Egypt Royal Sussex, R.W.K
ABU KLEA 1885 Sudan Royal Sussex
SUAKIN 1885 Sudan Surrey
TIRAH 1897 Pakistan Queen's
PAARDEBERG 1900 South Africa Buffs
SOUTH AFRICA 1900-1902 South Africa Buffs, Sussex, R.W.K, Mx
LE CATEAU 1914 France Surrey, R.W.K, Mx
RETREAT FROM MONS 1914 Belgium & France Queen's, Sussex, Surrey, R.W.K, Mx
MARNE 1914-1918 France Royal Sussex, Queen's
AISNE 1914, 1918 France Middlesex
LA BASSEE 1914 France Surrey, R.W.K, Mx
ARMENTIERES 1914 France Buffs, Surrey, Mx
MESSINES 1914, 1917, 1918 Belgium Middlesex
MESSINES 1914, 1917 Belgium Royal West Kent
YPRES 1914, 1917, 1918 Belgium Queen's, Royal Sussex
LANGEMARK 1914 Belgium Queen's
GHELUVELT 1914 Belgium Queen's, Royal Sussex
NONNE BOSSCHEN 1914 Belgium Royal Sussex
GIVENCHY 1914 Belgium Royal Sussex
NEUVE CHAPELLE 1915 France Middlesex
YPRES 1915, 1917, 1918 Belgium Surreys, Middlesex
YPRES 1915, 1917 Belgium Buffs
GRAVENSTAFEL 1915 Belgium Buffs, Surreys, R.W.K
ST JULIEN 1915 Belgium Buffs, Surreys, R.W.K, Mx
FREZENBERG 1915 Belgium Buffs, Surreys, R.W.K, Mx
BELLEWAARDE 1915 Belgium Buffs, Surreys, Mx
AUBERS 1915 France Queen's, Sussex, Mx
HOOGE 1915 Belgium Buffs, Middlesex
LOOS 1915 France Buffs, Surreys, and all other Regiments
BAZENTIN 1916 France Middlesex and all other Regiments
DELVILLE WOOD 1916 France All
POZIERES 1916 France All
GUILLEMONT 1916 France Queen's, Surreys, R.W.K
GINCHY 1916 France Middlesex
MORVAL 1916 France All
THIEPVAL 1916 France All
LE TRANSLOY 1916 France All
ANCRE HEIGHTS 1916 France All
ANCRE 1916 France Surreys
ANCRE 1916, 1918 France All, Less Surreys
BAPUME 1917, 1918 France Middlesex
ARRAS 1917 France Buffs
ARRAS 1917, 1918 France All, Less Buffs
SCARPE 1917 France All, Less Middlesex
SCARPE 1917, 1918 France Middlesex
ARLEUX 1917 France Royal Sussex, Middlesex
BULLECOURT 1917 France Queen's
MESSINES 1917 Belgium Queen's,Buffs,Surreys, Sussex
OPPY 1917 Belgium Royal West Kent
PILCKEM 1917 Belgium Sussex, and all other Regiments
LANGEMARCH 1917 Belgium Surrey, Sussex, R.W.K, Mx
MENIN ROAD 1917 Belgium All, Less Buffs
POLYGON WOOD 1917 Belgium All, Less Buffs
BROODSEINDE 1917 Belgium All, Less Buffs
POELCAPPLE 1917 Belgium Surreys, Sussex, Middlesex
PASSCHENDAELE 1917 Belgium All, Less Surreys
ST QUENTIN 1918 France All
AVRE 1918 France All
VILLERS BRETONNEUX 1918 France Queen's R.W.K, Middlesex
LYS 1918 France All, Less Buffs
ESTAIRS 1918 France Surreys, Middlesex
HAZEBROUCK 1918 France Queen's, Surreys, R.W.K, Mx
BAILLEUL 1918 France Queen's, Middlesex
KEMMEL 1918 Belgium Queen's, Sussex, R.W.K, Mx
SCHERPENBERG 1918 Belgium Royal Sussex, Middlesex
SOISSONAIS-OURCQ 1918 Belgium Queen's, Royal Sussex
AMIENS 1918 France Buffs, and all others, Less Mx
DROCOURT QUEANT 1918 France Royal Sussex
EPHY 1918 France All, Less Middlesex
CANAL DU NORD 1918 France Surrey, R.W.K, Middlesex
ST QUENTIN CANAL 1918 France All
BEAUREVOIR 1918 France Royal Sussex
COURTRAI 1918 Belgium All, Less Buffs
SELLE 1918 France Surreys, & all the other Regiments
VALLENCIENNES 1918 France Middlesex
SAMBRE 1918 France & Belgium All
FRANCE & FLANDERS 1914-1918 France All
PIAVE 1918 Italy Queen's, Royal Sussex
VITTORIA VENETO 1918 Italy Queen's, Royal Sussex
STRUMA 1919-1917 Greece Buffs, Surreys, Middlesex
DOIRAN 1917 Greece Queen's
DOIRAN 1918 Greece Surreys, Buffs, Mx
MACEDONIA 1916-1917 Greece Queen's
SUVLA 1915 Turkey Mx, Queen's, Sussex, R.W.K
LANDING AT SULVA 1915 Turkey Queen's, Sussex, R.W.K, Mx
SCIMITAR HILL 1915 Turkey Queen's, Sussex, R.W.K, Mx
RUMANI 1916 Egypt Queen's, Sussex
EGYPT 1915-1916 Egypt Queen's, R.W.K
EGYPT 1915-1917 Egypt Sussex, Middlesex
EL MUGHAR 1917 Israel Queen's, Sussex, R.W.K, Mx
NEBI SAMWIL 1917 Israel Queen's
JERICHO 1918 Jordan Queen's, Sussex, R.W.K, Mx
JORDAN 1918 Jordan Queen's, Middlesex
TEL ASUR 1918 Israel All, Less Surrey
MEGIDDO 1918 Israel Queen's
SHARIN 1918 Isael Queen's
ADEN 1915-1917 Aden Buffs, Surreys
TIGRIS 1916 Iraq Buffs
KUT AL AMARA 1917 Iraq Buffs
KHAN BAGHDADI 1917 Iraq Queen's
BAGHDAD 1917 Iraq Buffs
SHARQAT 1918 Iraq Royal West Kent
MESOPOTAMIA 1917-1918 Iraq Middlesex, Surreys
N.W. FRONTIER, INDIA 1916-1917 Pakistan Royal Sussex
DUKHOVSKAYA 1918 Russia Middlesex
SIBERIA 1918-1919 Russia Middlesex
MURMAN 1918-1919 Russia Royal Sussex
MURMAN 1919 Russia Surreys, Middlesex
AFGHANISTAN 1919 Afghanistan Queen's, Sussex, R.W.K
DYLE 1940 Belgium Middlesex
DEFENCE OF ESCAUT 1940 Belgium All
AMIENS 1940 France Royal Sussex
ST OMER-LA BASSEE 1940 France Buffs, Royal Sussex
FORET DE NIEPPE 1940 France Royal Sussex, R.W.K
YPRES-COMINES CANAL 1940 Belgium Middlesex
NORTH-WEST EUROPE 1940 Europe Royal Sussex, R.W.K
CAMBES 1944 France Middlesex
ODON 1944 France Middlesex
CAEN 1944 France Middlesex
ORNE 1944 France Middlesex
HILL 112 1944 France Middlesex
BOURGEBUS RIDGE 1944 France Middlesex
TROARN 1944 France Middlesex
MONT PICON 1944 France Middlesex, Queens
FALAISE 1944 France Middlesex
SEINE 1944 Holland Middlesex
NEDERRIJN 1944 Fance Middlesex
LE HAVRE 1944 Holland Queen's, Middlesex
LOWER MAAS 1944 Holland Middlesex
VENRAIJ 1944 Holland Middlesex
MEIJEL 1944 Holland Middlesex
GEILENKIRCHEN 1944 Holland Middlesex
VENLO POCKET 1944 Holland Queen's
ROER 1945 Holland Middlesex
RHINELAND 1945 Germany Middlesex
REICHSWALD 1945 Germany Middlesex
GOCH 1945 Germany Middlesex
RHINE 1945 Germany Middlesex
LINGEN 1945 Germany Middlesex
BRINKUM 1945 Germany Middlesex
BREMEN 1945 Germany Middlesex
KARORA-MARSA TACLAI 1941 Abyssinia Royal Sussex
CUB CUB 1941 Abyssinia Royal Sussex
MASCELIT PASS 1941 Abyssinia Royal Sussex
KEREN 1941 Abyssinia Royal Sussex
MT ENGIAHAT 1941 Abyssinia Royal Sussex
MASSAWA 1941 Abyssinia Royal Sussex
SYRIA 1941 Syria Queen's
SIDI BARRANI 1940 Egypt Queen's
SIDI SULEIMAN 1941 Libya Buffs
TOBRUK 1941 Libya Queen's
TOBRUK SORTIE 1941 Libya Queen's
ALEM HAMZA 1941 Libya Buffs
BENGHAZI 1942 Lobya Royal Sussex
DEIR EL MUNASIB 1942 Egypt Queen's
EL AGHEILA 1942 Libya Buffs
ADVANCE ON TRIPOLI 1942-1943 Libya Queen's, Buffs, Middlesex
MEDENINE 1943 Tunisia Queen's
MARETH 1943 Tunisia Middlesex
TEBAGA GAP 1943 Tunisia Buffs
EL HAMMA 1943 Tunisia Buffs
AKARIT 1943 Tunisia Sussex, Mx, Buffs
DJEBEL ROUMANI 1943 Tunisia Middlesex
DJEBEL EL MEIDA 1943 Tunisia Royal Sussex
DJEBEL ABIOD 1942 Tunisia Royal West Kent
TEBOURBA 1942 Tunisia Surreys
DJEBEL AZZAG 1942 Tunisia Royal West Kent
DJEBEL AZZAG 1943 Tunisia Buffs
ROBAA VALLEY 1943 Tunisia Buffs
FORT MACGREGOR 1943 Tunisia Surreys
OUED ZARGA 1943 Tunisia Surreys, R.W.K
DJEBEL BECK 1943 Tunisia Surreys
CHEKAOUI 1943 Tunisia Buffs
DJEBEL ANG 1943 Tunisia Surreys, R.W.K
DJEBEL DJAFFA PASS 1943 Tunisia Surreys
HEIDOUS 1943 Tunisia Buffs
MEDJEZ PLAINE 1943 Tunisia R.W.K, Buffs, Surreys,
SIDI ABDALLAH 1943 Tunisia Royal West Kent
TUNIS 1943 Tunisia Queen's, Surreys, Sussex
MONTARNAUD 1943 Tunisia Surreys
NORTH AFRICA 1941-1943 Africa Buffs
NORTH AFRICA 1942-1943 Africa Surreys, R.W.K, Mx
FRANCOFONTE 1943 Sicily Middlesex
SFERRO 1943 Sicily Middlesex
SFERRO HILLS 1943 Sicily Middlesex
ADRNO 1943 Sicily Surreys
CANTURIPE 1943 Sicily R.W.K, Buffs, Surreys
MONTE RIVOGLIA 1943 Sicily Buffs, R.W.K
MONTE STELLA 1943 Sicily Queen's
SCAFATI BRIDGE 1943 Italy Queen's
VOLTURNO CROSSING 1943 Italy Queen's
MONTE CAMINO 1943 Italy Queen's
CARIGILIANO 1943 Italy Queen's
TERMOLI 1943 Italy Buffs, R.W.K
TRIGNO 1943 Italy Buffs, Surreys
SAN SALVO 1943 Italy Royal West Kent
ROMAGNOLI 1943 Italy Royal West Kent
IMPOSSIBLE BRIDGE 1943 Italy Royal West Kent
VILLA GRANDE 1943 Italy Royal West Kent
CARROCETTO 1944 Italy Middlesex
CASSINOI 1944 Italy Sussex, Buffs
MONASTERY HILL 1944 Italy Royal Sussex
CASTLE HILL 1944 Italy Royal West Kent
LIRI VALLEY 1944 Italy Buffs, R.W.K
AQUINO 1944 Italy Buffs
PIERDIMONTE HILL 1944 Italy Royal West Kent
ROME 1944 Italy Buffs
TRASIMENE LINE 1944 Italy R.W.K, Buffs
AREZZO 1944 Italy Royal West Kent
ADVANCE TO FLORENCE 1944 Italy Royal West Kent
MONTE SCALARI 1944 Italy Royal West Kent
CASA FORTIS 1944 Italy Royal West Kent
GOTHIC LINE 1944 Italy Queen's, Sussex, Middlesex
PIAN DI CASTELLO 1944 Italy Royal Sussex
MONTE REGGIANO 1944 Italy Royal Sussex
GEMMANO RIDGE 1944 Italy Queen's
CORIANO 1944 Italy Buffs
RIMINI LINE 1944 Italy Royal West Kent
SAVIO BRIDGEHEAD 1944 Italy Royal West Kent
CAPURE OF FORLI 1944 Italy Surreys
MONTE PIANOERENO 1944 Italy Royal West Kent
MONTE SPADURO 1944 Italy Buffs, R.W.K
MONTE GRANDE 1944 Italy Middlesex
SENIO POCKET 1945 Italy Queen's
SENIO FLOODBANK 1945 Italy Queen's
SENIO 1945 Italy Buffs, R.W.K
CASA FABRI RIDGE 1945 Italy Queen's
MENATE 1945 Italy Queen's
FILO 1945 Italy Queen's
ITALY 1944-1945 Italy Sussex, Middlesex
GREECE 1944-1945 Greece Surreys, R.W.K
LEROS 1943 Greece Buffs, R.W.K
MIDDLE EAST 1943 Middle East Buffs
SOUTH EAST ASIA 1941 South East Asia Middlesex
KAMPAR 1941-1942 Malaya Surreys
NORTH ARAKAN 1943-1944 Burma Queen's, Sussex, R.W.K
RAZAIB 1944 Burma Royal West Kent
MAYU TUNNELS 1944 Burma Royal West Kent
KOHIMA 1944 India Queen's
PINWE 1944 Burma Royal Sussex
SHWELI 1945 Burma Buffs, Sussex
MYITSON 1945 Burma Buffs
TAUGTHA 1945 Burma Royal West Kent
YENANGYAUNG 1945 Burma Queen's
SITTANG 1945 Burma Queen's, R.W.K
CHINDITS 1944 Burma Queen's Regiment
BURMA 1945 Burma Buffs
NAKTONG BRIDGEHEAD 1950 Korea Middlesex
CHONJU 1950 Korea Middlesex
CHONGCHON II 1950 Korea Middlesex
CHAUM-NI 1950 Korea Middlesex
KAPYONG-CHON 1951 Korea Middlesex
KAPYONG 1951 Korea Middlesex