The Queen's Regiment Memorial

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The National Memorial Arboretum

Through fundraising by The Queen's Regimental Association, in May 2016 the Queen's Memorial was dedicated at The National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. The service was officiated by The Right Reverend John Kirkham, assisted by The Reverend Canon Christopher Tuckwell (late of The Queen's Regiment). It was unveiled by Captain Harrie Welmer, Defence and Naval Attache to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Momument, a three ton block of black polished Indian granite, responsibly sourced from a quarry in Northern India, consists of three blocks - comprising a base, the plinth itself and a pyramid to crown the edifice. Standing some 8’6” tall, the Monument has four faces, each inscribed in gold lettering.

Queen's Memorial
Captain Harrie Welmer
Reverend John Kirkham
National Memorial Arboretum

The front face on the plinth displays the Regimental badge, the Regiment’s name, dates of existence, the Regimental motto, “Unconquered I Serve” and the three Distinctions taken from the Regimental Colour; Queen Catherine of Braganza’s cipher, the Naval Crown of the Glorious First of June and the Sphinx. On the base are the words of the Silent Toast “To The Immortal Memory”.

The rear face has the names, royal ciphers and dates of appointment of our Colonel-in-Chief, HRH Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, Duchess of Kent (1966-68), and our Allied Colonels-in-Chief, HM King Frederick IX of Denmark (1966-72), HM Queen Juliana of The Netherlands (1966-92) and HM Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (1972-92).

The left face has the Regimental Collect inscribed.

The right face details the Regiment’s origins, lists the Campaigns and Theatres of Operation in which the Regiment served during its existence and finally gives details of the amalgamation in 1992

The Queen's Regiment Memorial at The National Memorial Arboretum Croxall Road, Alrewas, Burton-on-Trent DE13 7AR

The Queen's Regimental Association is open to all officers and soldiers who have served in the Order of Battle of one of the Queen’s Regiment Regular and Territorial battalions, including attached personnel, and those who have served in one of the forebear regiments and The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.